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Sincere Apologies to my lone follower for my absence.

Still Alive – Still Fasting (85kg and maintaining)
AND, with new confidence in my sleek, svelte, toned 23-year old body [dream on Mr Varicose Veins] I have now returned to the Voice Work that is Monsieur Gilles Petit.
I’ve just had a wonderful weekend of voice, body work and being “spoilt proper” by our hosts Daisy & John. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well by damaged knee (osteoarthritis and criciate instability in case you’d forgotten) stood up [yes – deliberate] to some intense balancing and sitting in half-lotus for example.
I also found my voice again, which was great.
All this due to intermittent fasting and a reasonable amount of gym work.

You know who you are?


Struggling Man Fully…….   5 comments


    Man in Red Hat Produces Realistic Finger-Painted Landscape at First Ascent?

I have to admit to struggling with dieting, fasting, etc….mainly just day to day living at the moment. This is muchly related to working full time, getting up at just past 0600h, shortening days, continuing damp in the flat and trying to fit possessions and a wood-work-shop into a small flat. Not to mention [but I’m about to!] trying to organise/plan what to eat and when…………….I need to sit back and think it through.

I don’t know what weight I am as I haven’t been to the gym for about 2 weeks and don’t run to scales [as Pavarotti said to his Personal Trainer?]. The flabby bits of Utterly Middlagedly Spread are still reducing, so I hope I’m doing OK. On the positive side, I’m loving having organic salad veg delivered every week…..I’m very impressed with Abel & Cole so far.

Watch this space!!

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Lovely Writer, who Meter Made?   2 comments

What Type of Meter Is This?
Answers in a White Freepost Envelope, please!

I hope in my absence your heart has grown Henry? [impromptu rhyming slang]
It’s been so busy for about a week that I haven’t had the energy to put virtual pen to even-more-virtual paper.
* New job from Wednesday.
* Preceded by preparing for, then installing a cupboard for a gas meter.
* Followed by soundproofing a pump housing/shed for my dentist…..
* ……Then Singin’ De Blues today (raag-style) including the first tears of emotion for many months [thank you Sertraline!].

Anyway, down to either 87kg or still at 89kg with my on-going “fasting”-for-2-days-out-of-7 diet. The weight range or inconsistency comes from the scales at the gym……they showed about 87kg when I first got there….then about 89kg at the end! I don’t think I drank 2kg of water……so I’m assuming the scales are a bit worn out with leotard-cladden hunks of bicep-bulging beefcake leaping onto them.
Let’s assume I’m down to 88kg, so still steady progress.

Now I’m waiting for Co-operative Energy to discover why my gas meter is logged as an “imperial” meter, when it’s clearly “metric”? The joys of Switching Supplier……………..

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Can I Weight?   1 comment

A new Phone tomorrow….my First Smart Phone! [Scene – Christmas Morning. Cue: small boy enters Stage Left; fx Horse Galloping Goons-style; Child Screams with Joy; Applause]

This is to save money (current contract back to the full £25/month!) AND to have a better camera and try out sat-nav type maps, GPS, etc. Hopefully my videos will be better than this……

Knock, Knock. WHO’S THERE? Anchor. ANCHOR WHO? No, Anchor Watt, from Cambodia!

AND I’m now down to 89kg, so losing wait regularly/steadily.

Fasting seems to work

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Here’s more information about the 5:2 Fast or Diet, or CR. Somebody who’s done a lot of research

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A Usain Bolt* Day ?   1 comment


An *Extra Fast day today!

A few extra fast hours, to be honest/exact. Having decided to wait to have some food until after my interview at 1100h……….it was more than an informal 30-45 minutes. So, after a long chat, tours, waiting “5 minutes” for somebody who was tied up with a visitor……I didn’t leave until 1300h, then spent 2 hours and 10 minutes driving the 6 miles back to home.

Most of this was stuck or crawling along the M32 between junctions 1 and 2 without an oatcake or even a bottle of water in sight!! A “police incident” apparently**. I soon got past the I’m Hungry Mummy! stage and just enjoyed the feeling of pleasant emptiness, not the gnawing pains which, I suppose, might be experienced – I might have to try a full fast for a few days to get there?

I’m now thinking about what to eat once the break-fast of 2 bananas has worn off. Trouble is, I don’t really feel like eating…….which is very interesting, given that [at the same time] I’m feeling like stuffing my face. I suppose that’s what we call “being in two minds” ?


**STOP PRESS!!  [writing this 13Sep12]  I found out the following day that the “incident” [I love the understated way we talk about things!] was a man threatening to jump off a bridge onto the M32………..

……..then yesterday another young gentleman decided to do the same – so the motorway was closed again….AND I just missed the huge tailback, because I’d gone up to the B&Q Warehouse to check out prices!! Phew!

Job Seekers Blues   3 comments


Your Country Needs You… say what you mean?













Translate please:

“I have a Project Management role for an exciting ecommerce company based in Newport, South Wales who are currently undergoing rapid expansion.Working in a really fun Agile environment the role will involve planning, executing, and delivering projects according to strict deadlines and within budget. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and thirdparty contractors/consultants or suppliers in order to deliver projects according to plan.Responsibilities will include:: Directing and managing projects through their full lifecycle from initiation to closure Defining project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with key stakeholders Coach teams through the scrum process where applicable including running planning poker, sprint planning and retrospectives Lead daily scrums and manage the resolution of any issues or blockers identified Produce burn down charts and project highlight reports Develop project plans and associated communications documents. Understand the resource required for the project and make the necessary requests Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project team. Identify and manage dependencies and critical path Proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential crises, and devise contingency plans. Define project success criteria and disseminate them to involved parties throughout the project life cycle Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team member.” [my highlights]

I’m assuming this is a job in a Rugby Club…..or has HR-Speak gone Olympic/Paralympic Gobbledegooky?

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