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29Aug, 1915h: Having been in a very depressed state yesterday, I’ve got back to a more even state of mind this afternoon/evening. My second day of reduced-calorie-intake [challenge: invent an acronym to use instead of “fast” that is snappy AND conveys the idea of CR or IF ]….and the hunger pangs are starting now.

I was still depressed, unmotivated, etc. this morning. At least I had the incentive of having to drop off my car at UK Car Body Repairs [another insurance claim…why do people keep clipping my nearside front wing??]. I, then, went to my gym as I know it helps me switch off my monkey-mind AND I’m on a mission to lose weight and get healthy (or healthier) AND to keep that going into my old age.

Think the smell of sweat and Kerrang at full volume!

A good session – I’ve changed from my fairly lackadaisical regime of repetitions, with relatively low weights. I’m now, after Craig (trainer/owner at Workout Bristol), suggested my knee would benefit from resistance work. He’s right, as my knee already feels a little more stable/activated/strong…hard to describe or quantify.

As for the “fast” – I had a larger breakfast this morning, using up all of my 600kcals allowance. Hence, nothing since, except black coffee & herbal tea* [I’m telling myself that black coffee has no calorific content/value… has anything from 5 to 25kcal per mug, depending who you believe (see yesterday’s post)]. Now I find that coffee can help us keep, or even produce, fat …, as with all dieting, health, etc., there is LOTS of information out there and it’s easy to get fixated on DOs and DON’Ts.

I’m trying hard to stay relaxed about it all – while keeping focussed.

Hunk, huh?

* and much water, of course.


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28Aug12, 0731h: I’m having a hard time this morning….as I need to stay not eating until AFTER breakfast. I had my 500kcal breakfast yesterday, then “fasted” until now…..but my hungry mind-body keeps trying to tell me it’s OK, you’ve done what-feels-like-a-day, so just have a little something! I’ve had a cup of tea WITH soya, so that’s [apparently] 25.8kcal to keep me going until about 1100h.

I’m now looking for a resource/website where I can find out the average calories for, say, green salad….rather than, as in the one I’ve got a 24-hr free trial ( WeightLossResources ) where they list at least 20 variations for most items. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s Tesco’s Salad with Rocket or Waitrose Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce……just give me a rough idea, please! While I’m at it……Who calculates their calorie intake to a 10th of a kcal?? Get a life, people.

End of rant. Old age…..or hunger?

No biscuit, honest!

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27Aug12, 0813:

....OK, it IS a sunset!

Skies unlike this morning….grey and raining.

Preparing for my my 2nd 2-days of fasting. I haven’t made the mistake, in this iteration, of making a fairly spontaneous decision to fast….then suffering 48 hours of watching the bunch of bananas ripen (I prefer them “Dulux Apple White”*) and wondering how to eat all the perishables in’t fridge! Rule 15 – Don’t buy lots of food the day before a fast?

I’ve also discovered that it is not advised to fast for two successive days (“as long as the fasting days are non-consecutive”)  (see further article by Dr Michael Mosely), which I did last week. Hence, I’m going to fast**….going to fast today, Monday, and Wednesday, then see if that works every week.

I talked to the owner/trainer at the gym last week – he confirmed what I’d thought: Best to do gym work on the day you’re fasting – so that there is fuel in the furnace from the day before, and from breakfast. Hence, I’m not going to the gym on a Tuesday or Thursday. This all goes against my grain of doing things when they come to mind…..I will have to have more structure in my life than my inner child is happy with!!

* With a hint of green!

** Note to self – invent or use another word to avoid annoying any pedants?

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21Aug12, 0945h: Ended fast this morning. Feeling a little achey around shoulder girdle, plus a slight headache, possibly after disturbed night, waking about 3 times. Had a banana earlier with my cuppa in bed…then just had a mashed banana, apricots, yoghourt & a granola sprinkle. Now have the burps, gurgles, etc. as wind develops!

Which one is Frank?

I’m trying this fast regime (2 successive days of only 600kcal, then 5 days of normal eating) as an experiment as I’m very interested and curious about what I eat and how it affects me. The idea is that various indicators are radically changed (blood glucose; IGF(?), etc……must check what these are!). These are all indicators of getting such things as diabetes, cancer, etc. It’s postulated that doing this could significantly reduce the chance [possibly to zero!] of getting such diseases. That’s gotta be worth looking into??

Going to take a Rennie and do some yoga/stretching to release my neck……

1200h: Didn’t need the Rennie! Just some lying down yoga, etc. Perhaps the food got into my system as well? Now I’m feeling fairly normal and have just had my daily addiction of strong black coffee plus a piece of toast.

I’m noticing a lessening of the desire (both physical and emotional/mental) to eat more than I really need – so just 1 piece of toast felt right, not the usual 2 (plus an “incy-wincy” piece of bread….JUST while the toast is browning!). Having said that, I have been developing this mindset/resolve over the last few weeks as I’ve reduced how much I eat (to lose weight), trying to eat only when I’m hungry – and by hungry I mean physically hungry, rather than my monkey-mind saying so [Just ONE more tiny chocolate digestive……].

Afternoon/evening: Feeling very normal, now. Got into quite an angry & depressed state [no, they’re not mutually exclusive in my experience!] after I called about my ongoing battle with the letting agency to get repairs done in this recently-taken flat. Spent all evening writing an email and letter outlining what I wanted done and why I was now seeing a solicitor….which I am about to do, having called Shelter and got a number to call. [Must mention the brilliant resource of where one can find “geographic” phone numbers which are the equivalent of 0800, 0870, 0845, etc. numbers….which are vital when one only has a mobile phone. Hence I got a number for Shelter instead of their advertised 0344 number].

Despite all this stress, I managed to not overeat and noticed a stronger will, or motivation, to stay very mindful of what I ate. I can’t say the same for drinking…..had more cider than I’d planned!

The thoughts, now, are about when to do the next 2 days of “fasting”. I might move to Mondays & Tuesday….or, possibly Thursdays & Fridays. I realised, after what a friend said on Sunday, that fasting on a weekend could be difficult as Saturdays & Sundays can be very long and empty….giving monkey mind lots of space to denigrate my efforts. Must decide tomorrow, as I could start again this Thursday!

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Dawn with Ice Cream Cones

Woops, that didn’t quite work!

You can guess that I’m new to this blog/Wordpress. Start again:

I’ve just started experimenting with fasting. This is to record my feelings, sensations and perhaps progress. I was inspired after watching (on catch-up) the BBC programme Horizon where Michael Mosely looked into some of the latest (?) research on how to stay healthier, perhaps live longer, etc.

The idea of fasting for 2 days out of every 7 appealed to me as it fits well with what I’ve been doing for some time – namely trying to eat only when hungry, so as to lose weight. AND the “fast” isn’t a full/true fast, as the idea is to eat only 600 calories* (500 for women) for 2 days, then eat normally for the other 5 days. *[strictly it is Kilocalories, or kcal, but apparently we don’t like saying the kilo part? I’ll resist the urge to convert to Joules, my favourite SI unit!]

So here goes……………

I’m now at evening time of the second day, having started yesterday morning. It was feeling quite tough earlier in the evening/afternoon – feeling a bit weak and a little tired. I had a mug of miso & seaweed to give my tummy something to chew over. Much better now. Only a mild headache….and looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning….yumm!!

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Happy blogging!

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