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Dawn with Ice Cream Cones

Woops, that didn’t quite work!

You can guess that I’m new to this blog/Wordpress. Start again:

I’ve just started experimenting with fasting. This is to record my feelings, sensations and perhaps progress. I was inspired after watching (on catch-up) the BBC programme Horizon where Michael Mosely looked into some of the latest (?) research on how to stay healthier, perhaps live longer, etc.

The idea of fasting for 2 days out of every 7 appealed to me as it fits well with what I’ve been doing for some time – namely trying to eat only when hungry, so as to lose weight. AND the “fast” isn’t a full/true fast, as the idea is to eat only 600 calories* (500 for women) for 2 days, then eat normally for the other 5 days. *[strictly it is Kilocalories, or kcal, but apparently we don’t like saying the kilo part? I’ll resist the urge to convert to Joules, my favourite SI unit!]

So here goes……………

I’m now at evening time of the second day, having started yesterday morning. It was feeling quite tough earlier in the evening/afternoon – feeling a bit weak and a little tired. I had a mug of miso & seaweed to give my tummy something to chew over. Much better now. Only a mild headache….and looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning….yumm!!


Posted August 20, 2012 by boundlessfrank in Thoughts While "Fasting"

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