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27Aug12, 0813:

....OK, it IS a sunset!

Skies unlike this morning….grey and raining.

Preparing for my my 2nd 2-days of fasting. I haven’t made the mistake, in this iteration, of making a fairly spontaneous decision to fast….then suffering 48 hours of watching the bunch of bananas ripen (I prefer them “Dulux Apple White”*) and wondering how to eat all the perishables in’t fridge! Rule 15 – Don’t buy lots of food the day before a fast?

I’ve also discovered that it is not advised to fast for two successive days (“as long as the fasting days are non-consecutive”)  (see further article by Dr Michael Mosely), which I did last week. Hence, I’m going to fast**….going to fast today, Monday, and Wednesday, then see if that works every week.

I talked to the owner/trainer at the gym last week – he confirmed what I’d thought: Best to do gym work on the day you’re fasting – so that there is fuel in the furnace from the day before, and from breakfast. Hence, I’m not going to the gym on a Tuesday or Thursday. This all goes against my grain of doing things when they come to mind…..I will have to have more structure in my life than my inner child is happy with!!

* With a hint of green!

** Note to self – invent or use another word to avoid annoying any pedants?


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  1. You’re doing well, Frank. I meant to start on my fast today, but then realised as I was going to visit friends that wasn’t a good idea. So I shall start afresh tomorrow, Tuesday. You’re a lot more disciplined than I am. Daphne

    Daphne Radenhurst

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