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28Aug12, 0731h: I’m having a hard time this morning….as I need to stay not eating until AFTER breakfast. I had my 500kcal breakfast yesterday, then “fasted” until now…..but my hungry mind-body keeps trying to tell me it’s OK, you’ve done what-feels-like-a-day, so just have a little something! I’ve had a cup of tea WITH soya, so that’s [apparently] 25.8kcal to keep me going until about 1100h.

I’m now looking for a resource/website where I can find out the average calories for, say, green salad….rather than, as in the one I’ve got a 24-hr free trial ( WeightLossResources ) where they list at least 20 variations for most items. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s Tesco’s Salad with Rocket or Waitrose Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce……just give me a rough idea, please! While I’m at it……Who calculates their calorie intake to a 10th of a kcal?? Get a life, people.

End of rant. Old age…..or hunger?

No biscuit, honest!


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