Hip, Knee, Hurrah!   2 comments

He might be 120lb, but his shoes are too narrow!

Only 91kg ! 

Despite Miss Givens, I was only 91kg this morning at the gym.

This could almost give me faith in my abilities, motivation,  etc.


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2 responses to “Hip, Knee, Hurrah!

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  1. Just posted a long comment and its gone because I wasn’t connected to the internet. GGRRWW!!

  2. Shall try again! I don’t think I’m as rigourous as you on my fast days, I’m still the same weight but at least I haven’t gained. I am noticing more what I eat on the other days and realise I often don’t need or even want something, but my mind is greedy. I’m taking more exercise, it definitely perks you up, I think the paralympians (if that’s the right word) are amazing and an inspiration to us all. Keep at it and good luck!

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