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Learning from Dogs (Click to link/view)

Some good details in this link/blog…. about Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) and Calorie Reduction (CR) – with clips from an interview with Dr.Varady. This is the university (assistant) professor that Dr Michael Mosley featured in his Horizon programme.


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Sunny Sunday. Another great day, in terms of weather. I’m hopeful that it will be a good day in terms of my internal weather…………

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  • Starting with thick fog in the low-lying areas plus a depression stuck over the littoral.
  • This is a hang over from Hurricane Cider, now dying away in the North Atlantic.
  • Good prospects of higher pressure and warm currants after tea (2 mugs and rising).
  • Massage due at 1030h BST, visibility poor, but increasing with spectacle-wearing.
  • Underlying Optimism following the Force 6 Interview on Friday.
  • Risk of Precipitation should Optimism rise to a Force 8 Presumption.
  • Feldenkrais due Monday afternoon. Improving body balance and posture likely.

Back to the fasting tomorrow. I need the focus – job interviews in London then Eastleigh made it difficult to plan and monitor what I ate. The downturn/recession yesterday [without the motivation of things to do] allowed my bingeing & alcoholic gremlins to get a grip.

The good news, yesterday, was that I was down to 90kg, so I need to remember the bigger picture – that this “diet” seems to be working. I’m certainly feeling better with both the weight dropping and muscles strengthening.

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I’m back on a calorie-reduction day – and struggling with motivation, as my mood is very low.

All the stress of potential change, plus being on Job Seeker’s Allowance, plus no repairs being done to this flat despite constant pressure. This all triggers my “rejection” button, or the “I’m a failure” bit of Mind Malware. Having the focus of “fasting” is, actually, quite useful in helping me to focus on something and not being drawn into eating or drinking [alcohol] to fill the emotional hole inside me.

Moan over.

I’ve had to be a bit flexible today as regards when I started the 24 hours of “fast”. I was away and it wasn’t until mid-morning that I got back home [Bristol, UK, in case you’re interested]. Hence I’ve started after “lunch” today, so I’ll see if it feels different to starting after breakfast.

Still 91kg when I weighed in at the gym, so that feels good that I’ve stabilised a bit, rather than bounced back to 92kg+.

√1 = ?

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He might be 120lb, but his shoes are too narrow!

Only 91kg ! 

Despite Miss Givens, I was only 91kg this morning at the gym.

This could almost give me faith in my abilities, motivation,  etc.

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Does it* Spiral Inwards….or Outwards? Discuss.   Leave a comment

*Life, that is.

Back to the gym in half an hour or so.

Curious to see how my weight is. I’ve got down to 91kg twice, but bounced back to 92/93, so after a couple of days of eating normally…..including a bit of a binge on Thursday, partly due to being Most Melancholy and Thus Partook of Much Excess in Libations and a Commodious Serving of Hummus……..I’m expecting disappointment from the I Want It NOW! part of my ego/psyche/mind.

Does watching all the Paralympians inspire you? or does it de-motivate you? Answers on a rice cake, please.


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29Aug, 1915h: Having been in a very depressed state yesterday, I’ve got back to a more even state of mind this afternoon/evening. My second day of reduced-calorie-intake [challenge: invent an acronym to use instead of “fast” that is snappy AND conveys the idea of CR or IF ]….and the hunger pangs are starting now.

I was still depressed, unmotivated, etc. this morning. At least I had the incentive of having to drop off my car at UK Car Body Repairs [another insurance claim…why do people keep clipping my nearside front wing??]. I, then, went to my gym as I know it helps me switch off my monkey-mind AND I’m on a mission to lose weight and get healthy (or healthier) AND to keep that going into my old age.

Think the smell of sweat and Kerrang at full volume!

A good session – I’ve changed from my fairly lackadaisical regime of repetitions, with relatively low weights. I’m now, after Craig (trainer/owner at Workout Bristol), suggested my knee would benefit from resistance work. He’s right, as my knee already feels a little more stable/activated/strong…hard to describe or quantify.

As for the “fast” – I had a larger breakfast this morning, using up all of my 600kcals allowance. Hence, nothing since, except black coffee & herbal tea* [I’m telling myself that black coffee has no calorific content/value…..it has anything from 5 to 25kcal per mug, depending who you believe (see yesterday’s post)]. Now I find that coffee can help us keep, or even produce, fat …..so, as with all dieting, health, etc., there is LOTS of information out there and it’s easy to get fixated on DOs and DON’Ts.

I’m trying hard to stay relaxed about it all – while keeping focussed.

Hunk, huh?

* and much water, of course.

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28Aug12, 0731h: I’m having a hard time this morning….as I need to stay not eating until AFTER breakfast. I had my 500kcal breakfast yesterday, then “fasted” until now…..but my hungry mind-body keeps trying to tell me it’s OK, you’ve done what-feels-like-a-day, so just have a little something! I’ve had a cup of tea WITH soya, so that’s [apparently] 25.8kcal to keep me going until about 1100h.

I’m now looking for a resource/website where I can find out the average calories for, say, green salad….rather than, as in the one I’ve got a 24-hr free trial ( WeightLossResources ) where they list at least 20 variations for most items. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s Tesco’s Salad with Rocket or Waitrose Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce……just give me a rough idea, please! While I’m at it……Who calculates their calorie intake to a 10th of a kcal?? Get a life, people.

End of rant. Old age…..or hunger?

No biscuit, honest!