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Can I Weight?   1 comment

A new Phone tomorrow….my First Smart Phone! [Scene – Christmas Morning. Cue: small boy enters Stage Left; fx Horse Galloping Goons-style; Child Screams with Joy; Applause]

This is to save money (current contract back to the full £25/month!) AND to have a better camera and try out sat-nav type maps, GPS, etc. Hopefully my videos will be better than this……

Knock, Knock. WHO’S THERE? Anchor. ANCHOR WHO? No, Anchor Watt, from Cambodia!

AND I’m now down to 89kg, so losing wait regularly/steadily.

Fasting seems to work


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Learning from Dogs   Leave a comment

Learning from Dogs (Click to link/view)

Some good details in this link/blog…. about Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) and Calorie Reduction (CR) – with clips from an interview with Dr.Varady. This is the university (assistant) professor that Dr Michael Mosley featured in his Horizon programme.

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