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Struggling Man Fully…….   5 comments


    Man in Red Hat Produces Realistic Finger-Painted Landscape at First Ascent?

I have to admit to struggling with dieting, fasting, etc….mainly just day to day living at the moment. This is muchly related to working full time, getting up at just past 0600h, shortening days, continuing damp in the flat and trying to fit possessions and a wood-work-shop into a small flat. Not to mention [but I’m about to!] trying to organise/plan what to eat and when…………….I need to sit back and think it through.

I don’t know what weight I am as I haven’t been to the gym for about 2 weeks and don’t run to scales [as Pavarotti said to his Personal Trainer?]. The flabby bits of Utterly Middlagedly Spread are still reducing, so I hope I’m doing OK. On the positive side, I’m loving having organic salad veg delivered every week…..I’m very impressed with Abel & Cole┬áso far.

Watch this space!!


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Does it* Spiral Inwards….or Outwards? Discuss.   Leave a comment

*Life, that is.

Back to the gym in half an hour or so.

Curious to see how my weight is. I’ve got down to 91kg twice, but bounced back to 92/93, so after a couple of days of eating normally…..including a bit of a binge on Thursday, partly due to being Most Melancholy and Thus Partook of Much Excess in Libations and a Commodious Serving of Hummus……..I’m expecting disappointment from the I Want It NOW! part of my ego/psyche/mind.

Does watching all the Paralympians inspire you? or does it de-motivate you? Answers on a rice cake, please.


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Grumpy? Me?   Leave a comment

28Aug12, 0731h: I’m having a hard time this morning….as I need to stay not eating until AFTER breakfast. I had my 500kcal breakfast yesterday, then “fasted” until now…..but my hungry mind-body keeps trying to tell me it’s OK, you’ve done what-feels-like-a-day, so just have a little something! I’ve had a cup of tea WITH soya, so that’s [apparently] 25.8kcal to keep me going until about 1100h.

I’m now looking for a resource/website where I can find out the average calories for, say, green salad….rather than, as in the one I’ve got a 24-hr free trial ( WeightLossResources ) where they list at least 20 variations for most items. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s Tesco’s Salad with Rocket or Waitrose Salad with Lamb’s Lettuce……just give me a rough idea, please! While I’m at it……Who calculates their calorie intake to a 10th of a kcal?? Get a life, people.

End of rant. Old age…..or hunger?

No biscuit, honest!