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Lovely Writer, who Meter Made?   2 comments

What Type of Meter Is This?
Answers in a White Freepost Envelope, please!

I hope in my absence your heart has grown Henry? [impromptu rhyming slang]
It’s been so busy for about a week that I haven’t had the energy to put virtual pen to even-more-virtual paper.
* New job from Wednesday.
* Preceded by preparing for, then installing a cupboard for a gas meter.
* Followed by soundproofing a pump housing/shed for my dentist…..
* ……Then Singin’ De Blues today (raag-style) including the first tears of emotion for many months [thank you Sertraline!].

Anyway, down to either 87kg or still at 89kg with my on-going “fasting”-for-2-days-out-of-7 diet. The weight range or inconsistency comes from the scales at the gym……they showed about 87kg when I first got there….then about 89kg at the end! I don’t think I drank 2kg of water……so I’m assuming the scales are a bit worn out with leotard-cladden hunks of bicep-bulging beefcake leaping onto them.
Let’s assume I’m down to 88kg, so still steady progress.

Now I’m waiting for Co-operative Energy to discover why my gas meter is logged as an “imperial” meter, when it’s clearly “metric”? The joys of Switching Supplier……………..


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